Exploring Hon Thom

Hon Thom (Phu Quoc) is an ideal destination for those who like to swim, explore the ocean. With the total area not too large 5.7 km2, Thom island again brings a wonderful natural beauty, with the green coconut soaring to the island. It is like the mother's protective hands, eager for the son from the turbulent sea. Coming here, visitors will feel really comfortable and peaceful without worrying about cutting prices.

Beside that, when coming to Hon Thom, tourists can also participate in many entertainment activities on the island such as:

1. Fishing, squid fishing:

This is an activity attract many visitors when coming to Hon Thom. This fun requires persistence, enduring wait, when the squid need to know when to let go, when to release and then to other sea fishing. Especially, visitors can enjoy the spoils that they earned right on the boat while still fresh. Certainly will give visitors an unforgettable experience of the days here.

2. Explore the ocean:

Here you can explore the ocean through activities to dive the coral reefs, ... Hon Thom Honor is perhaps the most beautiful in Vietnam with many different shapes and colors. Although it is really beautiful but visitors should not touch them because it is easy to cause injuries to us.

3. Floating House Tour:

Floating house is a unique feature when coming to Hon Thom because people here are mainly farming and fishing seafood such as turtles, abalone, grouper cotton, shark ...

4. Buy pearls:

Come to Hon Thom, visitors can choose for themselves and their relatives the attractive jewelry, eye-catching with all kinds of different designs. Surely this will be a meaningful gift that many people love it.

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