Explore the rock stream - 7 beautiful waterfalls

Da Song is a famous tourist destination of Phu Quoc, the stream is located near Duong Dong lake with 7 beautiful waterfalls but not many tourists know. At present, although the rock is not yet exploited but it has a strong attraction for visitors. Perhaps also because of the majestic beauty and mystery, it is suitable for travelers who like adventure, discovery and adventure.

One thing to note to visitors is that when going to Da Ban Spring, tourists have to go in the rainy season to get water. In addition to the rocky stream, visitors can come at any time during the year hear the rushing of flowing water. If tourists in the rainy season tourists will be careful because the rainy season, many slippery slippery stream, very dangerous. Ly Nha Dap Street is impressive and has a majestic, strong, gentle features of the sun in March, making visitors come here feel relaxed, extremely comfortable.

From the distance, visitors can hear the rumbling of the waterfall flowing down from the sky, billowing, white foam, but there are times as gentle as the girls are Guests have a unique, romantic feeling.

One more thing, visitors come here to have the opportunity to explore the forest with a rich and varied vegetation system, with many kinds of orchids and rare wood species in the red book. , ....

However, not all visitors can be tough and brave enough to conquer all the Rock Spring with 7 majestic waterfalls. And this is definitely an unforgettable destination for those who love adventurous adventure, explore the novelty, the wonder of nature.

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