This is a highly popular tour for visitors to PhuQuoc. This pleasure requires a sense of persistence and endurance, but patience truly is a virtue and relaxing on the boat with the soothing sensation of the waves is half the fun.

17:30 Tourist guides pick tourists up from the hotel to the harbor by cars. After the boats go off-shore for 20-30 minutes, these night boats will take visitors to the areas that have awide array of squid. After shutting down the engine of the boats, the light systems are turned on in order to lure shoals of squids to the surface. 
  • With this fishing tour, tourists can experience excitement andpractice patience simultaneously. Therefore, the night squid fishing tour is always one of the most attractive forms of tourism in the summer and attracts a large number of tourists` participation from all over the world. 
  • Our skilled and experienced staff will teach you how to catch the optimum amount of squids. Each trip going off-shore to lasts for several hours but thisexpedition would leave favorable impression in the heart of the tourists. The tourists can enjoy relaxing moments, explore the sea and contemplate the beauty of the ocean at night. 

19:00 Employing simple cooking methods such as grilling, steaming with gingers and cooking with porridge, these fresh and delicious squids are savored with various drops of fish sauce which enhance the charming flavor and texture. The tastes of these delicacies are cooked from “spoils” which the tourists have caught, which makes the taste even more rewarding.
  • Whilst indulging your taste buds, you have the opportunity to listen to the melody of the ocean and enjoy the beauty of the moonshine as it reflects across the water.

21:30 It's time for the tourists to go back to the hotel to have a rest. Finish the night squid fishing tour, the tourists are returned by cars

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