Every day, we operate scuba diving tours to help tourists experience the exotic marine life the island has to offer. If you are interested, please contact reception for further information.
  • Sim wine factory: Sim wine, made with local fruit from the Rose Myrtle tree, is a famous type of wine in PhuQuoc. You will have the opportunity to visit the local orchard and witness the process of caring, harvesting and the manufacturing of this wine. You can also sample the unique flavor of this glorious wine for free.
  • Fish sauce factories: fish sauce on PhuQuoc Island which has been manufacturing with the traditional process of fermentation of fish with sea salt has more than 100 – year – history of development. This powerful liquid is filtered carefully to obtain drops of fish sauce which are excellent in both appearance and flavor.
  • PhuQuoc prison historic monument: through documentaries, original artifacts and exhibitions, tourists can learn about the history of PhuQuoc and the indomitable struggle of the revolutionary soldiers. You can know the pain and extreme savagery of the punishments and tortures the war prisoners endured to preserve Vietnam.
  • The exploration of desert Island: the tourists will experience memorable moments in their own ways by exploring neglected Islets.
  • Watchcolorful corals with shoals of fish: The South of this Island is an ideal place to explore the ocean which boasts the most diverse coral reef in all of Vietnam and includes 17 different kinds of stony corals and soft corals. The tourists are offered fully necessary scuba diving gears, including wetsuits, snorkeling masks and fins… Each tourists will be instructed by an internationally certified coach on the method of using regulators and diving to ensure you are ready for the exploration of beauty marine`s life.
  • Fishing: This is aquaint pleasure in which you could experience the lively life style of the fishermen in this remote Island. Skillful sailors will navigate coral reefs which are home to a large number of fish such as groupers, sciaenidae, and horsehead fish

12:30 Enjoy a fisherman’s lunch

14:00 Tourists swim in the cool and clear crystal sea water of Sao beach, which is a pristine paradise 

16:00 Turn back to the hotel 

Notices for participants during the tour:
  • Swim slowly and do not dive too deep
  • Do not dive alone; you should dive with other members to get mutual support
  • Obey regulations and the guide of instructors
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before diving. The use of alcohol makes our body dehydrated which causes severe problems when the pressure of water increases.
  • If you have tinnitus after swimming, please shut your mouth completely, cover your ears tightly then breathe gently through nose.
  • Do not leave the anchorage of the boats so that people on the board can observe and help if there is any emergence.

We wish you a wonderful trip

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