8:30 a tourist guide picks tourists up at the hotel to depart the journey to Northern Island
  • The ecological conservation zone of GanhDau: saunter and explore the primeval forest
  • Nguyen TrungTruc temple: learn more about military achievements of Vietnam`s national hero
  • Cape GanhDau: watch the territorial sea limits of Campuchia and experience the simple lifestyle of local fisher men
  • Pepper farm PhuQuoc: the pepper farm PhuQuoc is reputedly one of the world`s finest owing to its strong vibrant taste and fragrance. Be amazed by a series of pepper farms beyond measure stretching as far as the eye can see. You will also have a chanceto taste a delicacy called ripe pepper which is only available in PhuQuoc. 

12:00 Have a tasty and nutritious lunch in an elegant restaurant

13:30 Tourists are delivered to Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. This famous entertainment complex attracts tourists with hundreds of indoor and outdoor games which are suited to all age ranges.
  • Indoor games: Tea Cup, Merry Go Round, Bumper Cars
  • Extreme games: Flying UFO, Speed Windmills, Keep Spinning Ride
  • The underwater world: exploring the mystery of the ocean and immersing in the beauty of the colorful world with a diversity of marine species, including whales and Gentoo which are new to Vietnam.
  • The performance of charming mermaids: discoverthe miniature ocean and enjoy the eye-catching shows of mermaids from a fairytale world.
  • The art of water and music performance: a perfect combination of fascinating lights, magnificent laser effects and thrilling melodies which arouses every sense, in this harmonious and lively atmosphere.

16:00 Tourists return to their hotel

We wish you a wonderful trip!

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