8:00 Pick tourist up

8:30 Depart to start the excursion to the Southern PhuQuoc including:
  • Pearl Farming: a majority of pearls in PhuQuocare saltwater ones which are fertilized and cultured on the island. There are four staple colors of saltwater pearls which are white, azure pink, gold and black. The colors of the pearls are determined by the color of inner shells of the oysters. The more time the oysters are raised, the more shine and beauty the pearls have. Moreover, the tourists can witness in person the process of the oysters` culture and participate in extracting the pearls themselves.
  • AnThoi port view: The tourists board the boats going off-shore to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and awe inspiring views the island has to offer.
  • Depending on the seawater, the boats will anchor in the areas which have the largestamount of fish; thisgives a great opportunity for tourists to experience fishing in the same way of native fish men in PhuQuoc. Coral reefs are shelters for a myriad of different species of fish, which include star groupers, black groupers and horsehead fish. These various types of fish can be caught and grilled to taste on board.
  • The PhuQuoc Coral Conservation Center: The tourists use snorkels, diving masks and life jackets to explore the colorful marine`s life.

12:00 Enjoy a delicious lunch on the boats

12:30 Cars deliver tourists to Sao beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches of PhuQuoc. Tourists can unwind with comfort by the gleaming white sand and the clear crystal blue water of this beach. 

16:30 Cars pick up tourists and return them to the hotel.

Notices for participants of this tour
  • If you travel with under – 15 – year – old child which are not your offspring, we require notification from the parents’ attorney, which has been verified by the local authorities.
  • Children accompanying their parents must bring birth certificates or passports 
  • Please be at the pickup point 30 minutes before commencement. Please inform the tour operator in advance if you come late or cancel
  • Please bring ID card or passports (original copy)
  • Tourists should travel light and should not carry large suitcases. During the tour, visitors manage their own material possessions.
  • Outbound travellers who entry Vietnam by separate visa, please remember to bring Customs Declaration and visa. 

Wish you have a wonderful trip

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